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Two of your foals playing together.
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This is why I avoid multiple bids... 

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Prayer is much appreciated. 

Students come tomorrow... I'm working at a new school this year (my third year in special ed) and will be working some kids who need a lot of support. Updates will be sporadic during this year - it's going to be a stressful one.

Please pray for my stress/anxiety levels this year, that I will be able to do my best for the students in my care. Also, for my students and families that they will be peaceful about this new year and my work with them. 
I'm back and slowly going through my notifications!
I'm leaving tomorrow for a week, I will be without internet so won't be able to respond to notes/comments or manage group business. 
I'll be back on the 22nd :heart:
I'm leaving for the weekend to see my sister! I won't be able to respond to anyone - see you next week. 

List of Articles: 

  1. Introduction and Base Colors (Extension Gene) featured in HARPG-Newsletter July 2016
  2. Common Modifications: Variations of Black, Gray (Agouti Gene, Gray)
    • Bay, Seal Brown, Wild Bay
    • Gray (Including Dapple, Flea-bitten, Bloody Shoulder)
  3. Dilutions of Color Part 1 (Dun, Cream, Champagne, Silver Dapple)
  4. Dilutions of Color Part 2: Theorized (Pearl, Mushroom, Pangaré)
  5. Markings and Patterns Part 1: Pinto (Overo family, Tobiano)
  6. Markings and Patterns Part 2: Roaning (True Roan, Varnish Roan, Rabicano)
  7. Markings and Patterns Part 3: Leopard spots (Leopard Complex, Pattern Genes)
  8. Markings and Patterns Part 4: Spots unknown (Bend-Or, Manchado, Birdcatcher, Chubari/Tetrarch)
  9. White Horses (Albino, Dominant White, Sabino White, Fewspot, Lethal White)
  10. Related Genes (Kit, Sabiano)
  11. Facial and Leg markings
  12. Polygenic Traits (Sooty, Flaxen, Brindle)
  13. Strange colors (Scars, Brands, Gulastra Plume/Silvertail, Chimeras, Somatic mutations)
  14. Color genetics of other equines (Zebras, donkeys and their crosses)

Glossary of terms:

Allele/Modifier  – a variation or alternate form of a specific gene. An example of this would be the different forms of the Extension gene (E vs e)

Chromosome – DNA molecules packed into a tread-like structure. Chromosomes come in pairs and each chromosome carries many genes.  Horses have 32 chromosomes. Each parent passes one from each of their pairs down to the foal.

Dominant – an allele that overpowers other versions of the gene. Represented with a capital letter. In /Ee/ the dominant /E/ version is expressed and the horse does not physically look different than a horse with /EE/

Gene – Specific information located on a chromosome that controls the appearance (among other things) of the living organism.  Each gene comes in pairs – located on the pair of chromosomes.

Genotype - the actual genetic information which dictates the horse’s appearance.

Heterozygous – different alleles are present in the horse’s chromosomes. For example: /Ee/.

Homozygous – identical alleles are present in the horse’s chromosomes. For example: /EE/ or /ee/.

Incomplete dominant – an allele that ‘blends’ with another, causing a horse that looks different from either homozygous phenotype. The Cream dilution is a prime example of this. Horses with one cream gene look very different from horses with two genes.

Locus – the specific location/position of a gene on a chromosome.

Modifier/Allele  – a variation or alternate form of a specific gene. An example of this would be the different forms of the Extension gene (E vs e)

Phenotype - the physical appearance of the horse.

Recessive – an allele that is overpowered by other versions of the gene. Represented with a lowercase letter. In /Ee/ horses the recessive /e/ is not seen. Requires homozygous expression to affect the horse’s appearance /ee/.  

Other helpful resources:

Horse Color Genetics - Click and Learn
Animated HORSE GENETICS by NanakorobiYaoki
Genetic game by Citron--Vert
Equine Genetics Guide - Base Colors V2These are the Base colors that occur in horses. 
If you where looking for white marking genes visit the second part of this guide, Equine Genetics Guide - White Pattern Genes
The first version of this guide is Here, the guide was redone because a better way was found.
Q. What does the 'n' stand for in genetics?
A. Nothing. It stands as a placeholder so a person could see that it lacks a gene there.   n = no active gene
_ means insert a gene here.  If it is infront of the gene, like _A it means to choose a gene that is dominant over the gene.  If it is behind the gene, like A_ it means to choose a gene recessive to the gene.
Heterozygous: Means that it only has one gene effecting that area.
Homozygous: Means that there are two of the Same gene effecting that area.
Dominant: Only one gene is need to show the full effects
Incomplete Dominant: The effects of the gene with differ fro



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